Celtics and Chill Podcasts (All Episodes)

Celtics and Chill Podcasts (All Episodes)

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EPISODE #15 - Boston Celtics Playoff Preview/Predictions, Rumor Kawhi Won't Die and a look around the NBA.





Episode #13 of Celtics and Chill Podcast brought to you by CelticsSocial.com and we are a big 3 again! This time with newest member of the podcast Costia Thomas who will now be a part of the team going forward!

We cover everything from Ray Allen and his recent Barstool video and whether his and Kevin Garnett’s numbers should be retired or not. Costia gives his in-depth breakdown of being up close for the Paul Pierce tribute ceremony and some old Celtics he saw.

This team with all the injuries has been playing amazing and their last win was of course the game winner by youngster Jaylen Brown. How salty was Jae Crowder over the shot and the loss?

Did all these injuries cost us Terry Rozier this offseason? What if it cost us Rozier and Marcus Smart? We break down the future of both especially Scary Terry and his value.

All this and more including the big Raptors preview and a new segment Costia is bringing with him where we look at the “Good and the Bad” of past Celtics and where they are now!