Why did I only receive half my order?
No worries! We work with some of the best Boston sports vendors around and some of the products we carry ship from different locations. You should receive the other part of your order shortly after!

What is the best way to contact Celtics Social?
The best way to contact is us is our email CelticsSocial@gmail.com Posting on our social media accounts for product inquiries or urgent questions is not recommended as we reply to emails much faster!

Why is my order taking longer than expected?
Occasionally orders take longer to ship depending on a few things. Mostly because we are a small business with very little staff so we just ask you be patient if your order is taking a little longer than expected and feel free to email us at any time for an update! Also items ordered usually need to be printed so delivery time varies!

Are you affiliated with the Boston Celtics or the players?
We are not. However we are a bunch of fans that like creating cool gear for other true green teamers! We take pride in working for the fans as fans!

I'm not just a Celtics fan and or I am looking for other awesome NBA gear just like this... Can you help?
We sure can! We recently joined forces with RMCApparel.com which helps any and every basketball fan rep their favorite team and city! Definitely check it out!