Led by Isaiah Thomas: Celtics Turn Around Road Trip Out West

By: Tim Scott

Long time fans will remember one of the best highlight reels in Celtics history  was beating the Detroit Pistons in the Eastern Finals as Larry Bird shocked Isaiah Thomas by stealing an inbound pass then feeding it to Dennis Johnson for a last second game winning layup. It was on par with and an extension of Havlicek stealing the ball and other awesome moments in Celtics lore. How ironically funny it is that the Boston Celtics now have a superstar of their own who also goes by the name of Isaiah Thomas while playing the same point guard position masterfully.

The Celtics' Isaiah Thomas is less then one point behind Larry Bird's record setting 29 point per game average in the 1987-1988 season. With many games left some are beginning to talk about him possibly surpassing that amazing season performance by Bird.

It is simply amazing how much he has improved and scores on a nightly basis.  He has definitely elevated his game and usually when he scores.... The Celtics win.

The Celtics started a road trip out west that started with a matchup against the defending champion Cleveland Cavaliers that saw them winning by about five points. After this they beat the fierce rival from the 1980's and beyond the Los Angeles Lakers on their home court by 20 points.Showing they can once again win against anyone!

 After fading against the Clippers... Celtics PG Isaiah Thomas led the Celtics to their most impressive win of the season.... An upset victory over the Golden State Warriors in Oracle Arena where they not only won 99-86 after trailing at halftime but played amazing defense to stop the Warriors' streak of 56 games scoring 100+ points. The Celtics were one of the few teams to win in Oakland last season and then pulled of the same feat this year as the Warriors taunted them after accumulating a tough home court record. However, the Celtics once again showed that they are the greatest record holders in NBA history and will always comeback to play like the 17 time NBA champions they are and continue to be! Hopefully, this tradition continues and Championship Banner #18 is coming soon! Go Celtics Go!

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