In Season Where So Much Has Gone Wrong; Celtics are Continuing to be Boston Strong!

Article Written By: Tim Scott

The 2017-2018 Boston Celtics pulled off another amazing feat last night in their razor close victory over the Oklahoma Thunder 100-99! Prior to this game no NBA team had come back to win a game within the last 25 seconds while trailing by six points or more for 4315 consecutive games. The Boston Celtics came back to win on this game #4316! With an injured Kyrie Irving watching from the bench and the step-up play of rookie Jayson Tatum, along with some last minute heroics these Boston Celtics were able to snatch an impressive victory from the jaws of defeat against the 37-29 Oklahoma Thunder team.

Many in Celtics Nation are worried about Kyrie Irving's knee. It looks like he is facing surgery to remove three screws that were put in there to support that area and the only question is whether it should be done immediately... sidelining him for the season... or over Summer during the offseason. Irving and GM Danny Ainge had a sit-down talk at Chipotle where they most likely discussed this and any other issues. There is no doubt that Irving wants to play for a championship this season but will this injury allow him to go on. His play has been nothing short of astounding nonetheless and he must be kept as a Celtic.

With an amazing record of 48-23 despite numerous injuries the Boston Celtics embark on their 4-game West Coast road trip where they will face the Portland Trailblazers, the Sacramento Kings, the Phoenix Suns, and the Utah Jazz. It will be interesting to see how they play to say the least. The Celtics have high expectations of their Basketball team and always play to win. If Kyrie is out will they make a trade or play with what they have which seems to be working well? There are even discussions of re-acquiring Isaiah Thomas. What will happen? Only time will tell. This long, painful, but always entertaining season is winding down with a probable playoff run. It looks that there will be a lot more fun. One thing we can count on though is that the Boston fans will be rooting for their Basketball team through thick and thin, loss or win! Go Celtics Go!

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