Coach Brad Stevens Brings Celtics Back into the NBA Elite!

By: Tim Scott

The Boston Celtics have been steadily improving the last few years under Coach Brad Stevens. They currently have a 37-21 record leading the standings of the NBA's always tough Atlantic Division. This puts them into a position to take on the Cleveland Cavaliers..... the reigning NBA champs due to LeBron James..... for Eastern Conference dominance come playoff time!

Astute Basketball fans.... and believe me there are many of these  in Boston..... will give credit to Brad Stevens pragmatic and effective coaching style. He has an ability to get players to perform above their usual level and to accept a team concept that leads to success. GM Danny Ainge must have thought about this necessity for Celtics Basketball when he hired him a few years back. After all few can forget Stevens took a tiny college Butler in Indiana, turned it around into a NCAA finalist, through the tournament and into the championship game against perennial college powerhouse UCONN not too long ago. Many are looking for him to do the same for the Boston Celtics who have had a 10 year championship drought. Thus, the time for a turnaround is now!

Brad Stevens recently gained the respect of his colleagues by being voted in to participate as a coach of the Eastern All-Stars for the 2017 NBA All-Star game. It turned out to be a wild high scoring affair for both sides as they played Stevens' fast paced offensive oriented style of play. Both teams came close to scoring 200 points! A feat difficult in college let alone amongst professionals. The Boston Celtics led by Isaiah Thomas also consistently put lots of points on the board and that makes them night after night a tough team to beat!

The end of February and into March will be a telling time as far as how much these Celtics have in the tank for the rest of he season. They have matches with the Pistons and Hawks before a tough test against the Cavaliers and then a re-match out in L.A. with the Lakers who they have already beaten this season. It will be a telling time as the Celtics March forward behind their likable coach named Brad Stevens and into the NBA playoffs. Their should be lots of excitement in store for Celtics Fans THIS season! Go Celtics Go!

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