C Us Rise! Celtics Go To Cleveland Up 2-0 in Eastern Conference Finals!

Article Written By: Tim Scott

These 2017-18 Boston Celtics are quite impressive. They absolutely refuse to be counted out even....when faced with setback after setback during this season of sdversity.
They now find themselves in a Great position 👍🏻 being up 2-0 and road tripping to Cleveland to hopefully close this Eastern Conference Finals Series out once and for all. The brooms are coming back out while Celtics Nation is rejoicing and the TDGarden Celtics Home Court is rocking game after game as this Team thrillingly strings along victory after victory!

So many in and outside of the NBA doubted and played the naysayer as Boston lost both of their big player pickups in Gordon Hayward on opening night vs. these same Cavaliers and then Kyrie Irving amidst an MVP type season. They forgot one important reality though! Basketball 🏀 is a Team Sport and this team has only come together to rally to Win time after time.

LeBron James may be the top scorer and have the support of the critics and pundits but even though he
triple doubled statwise in game 2 the Cleveland Cavs still lost by double digits! It takes more to win than to trash talk and to score.

Jayson Tatum and Terry Rozier have been combining to become the new Dynamic Duo as they post amazing point totals night after night while the Celtics defense defused a potentially explosive Cleveland offense!!!

Jaylen Brown and Al Horford consistently post up impressive performances as Marcus Smart fills in the leadership role. The rest of the team contributes in whatever is needed to bring the entire team to a Win!

All of this Basketball excitement is under the watchful and intelligent eye of Coach Brad Stevens. Snubbed by his fellow NBA coaches Brad Stevens implements successful game plan after successful game plan as he solidly marches the Celtics to a long awaited return to the NBA Finals. He most definitely deserves Coach of the Year!!!

Cleveland will not go away easily and looks to get revenge for last years’ loss to Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant and the Golden State Warriors. However, the Celtics seem to be a team on a mission and there’s no telling where their positive attitude takes them as they “Refuse to Lose”
Let’s hope the winning trends continue and that Celtics get the Larry O’ Brien trophy so that Championship Banner #18 says upon it... 2017-18 Boston Celtics! Go Celtics Go!

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